Reunion 2010

Updated 4 June 2010
What a wonderful turnout we had for Reunion last weekend! 70 members of the Class of 1990 attended. Big thanks to Reunion managers Robyn Ruffer Nelson and Jennifer Sawyer Fisher for all their hard work, to Rhonda Newton as Gift Chair, and to Penny Pollister Price for organizing the scavenger hunt!

If you were one of the attendees and have photos you’d like to share, let me (Anne) know and I’d be glad to post them here.

Updated 11 May 2010:
Annual Fund Update

As of May 10, 28% of our class had made gifts and pledges to the 2010 Annual Fund. If we can increase our giving percentage more than any other reunion class, we win the Reunion Challenge and get credit for an additional $10,000 gift! Please respond to the Reunion Challenge – support ’90 and celebrate our upcoming reunion by making a gift of $20 to the Annual Fund at (larger gifts welcome, too, of course!).

Rhonda Newton
’90 Reunion Gift Chair

Looking forward to Reunion and wondering who you’ll see? So far, we’ve heard that 30+ of our classmates will be able to attend, including the following classmates:

Katharine Woodhouse-Beyer
Jen Sawyer Fisher
Robyn Ruffer Nelson
Rhonda Newton
Anne Fry
Penny Pollister Price
Laurie Saroff
Helena Cole
(with son)
Holli Horak (with family)
Ellen Hauser
Roxanne James Kelsey
Ann Little (with 6yo daughter)
Cathy Barriger Dunsby (with daughters)
Toni Vahlsing
Katherine Bell
Marnie Anderson
Lisa Moultrie (with 20 month old daughter)
Beth Michener-Wall (with Amy Michener-Wall ’89 and 4 yo daughter)
Anita Philips Thomas
Kathryn (Kate) Lowerre
Britany Orlebeke (with husband Dave, 6 yo daughter & 4 yo son)
Donna Rothstein (with husband, daughter (age 5), and son (age 3))
Alexia Nalewaik
Lauren Magargal Sanger (with husband & 6 yo son)
Jen Bohn (with partner Brenda)
Stasa Morgan-Appel (with wife Sue?)
Lynda Pak
Cheryl Newman (with husband Erik Lapinski, and daughters, Grace (12) and Lucy (9))
Samantha Walker Craig (husband (Douglas), son (Alexander 7) and daughter (Catherine 4))
Trish Cooper
Victoria McManus
Jen Renk
Paige Doherty Miller

Feel free to attach a comment below letting everyone know if you’ll be join us!

Also, let us know if you’ll be bringing kids. We may organize activities to complement what the College has planned.

One of our tasks at Reunion will be to elect new officers. Positions to be filled are Class President, Reunion Manager, Webmistress, Class Editor, Gift Chair, and Songsmistress. We have received a few nominations already but still welcome more nominations. We need to vote on our new officers so the more nominations we have in place, the quicker we can move forward with the voting procedure! For more info about what the duties of each officer is, please click here.

Nominations we have received are:
Class President
Penny Price
Laurie Saroff
Helena Cole

Reunion Manager
Penny Price

Class Editor
Jennifer Bohn

Anne Fry

Updated 30 Oct 2009:
Have you received your Reunion letter yet? It was emailed on 10/23, with an update on 10/26. If you haven’t received it, please email me

Links: Reunion Questionnaire and Reunion Survey

Thanks for taking the time to complete the survey and questionnaire.

Updated 18 Sept 2009:
Hi Class of 1990!

Our 20th Reunion is in May 2010.  I hope you are all planning to come to Bryn Mawr for the weekend.  Jen Sawyer Fisher and Robyn Ruffer Nelson are the Reunion Managers.  Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see at Reunion.

Keep checking back for updates about Reunion.

34 thoughts on “Reunion 2010

  1. Hi! I will be there and am bring my son, George, age 5. I hope many of you plan to attend! If you are bringing kids, let me know, and their ages. We might try to arrange something for them too-to compliment the college’s programs.

  2. I am planning to be there and am leaning toward bringing my two daughters (ages 12 and 6) to begin the subtle indoctrination!

  3. I am planning on coming and can bring my 7 year old boy and 10 year old girl, but I live so close that I don’t have to!

  4. I am planning on attending and Lisa Moultrie is coming too with her daughter who will 20 months.

  5. I definitely plan to be there with my partner, Amy Michener-Wall ’89, and our 4 yr. old daughter, Alice. All three of us had a wonderful time at Amy’s 20th reunion last year (especially Alice) & I hope our reunion will be as much fun!! I realize time & expense can make it difficult, but I really hope people will come! I would just love to see & spend time with so many of you!! It’s great to re-connect with old friends & surprising to connect with people you somehow missed then, but find new things to connect around now!

  6. Hi. I’m sorry I won’t be able to attend as my daughter is scheduled for surgery 5/27. So much for the holiday weekend. I’ll plan on the next one!!

  7. I hope to attend, probably just on Saturday as I don’t know if my 4-month-old son or my husband will be joining me. I do know that Cristina Ibarra O’Brien, Catalina Keilhauer, Vicky Tsilas, Liza Baillie Curtis, Sam Walker Craig, and Christy Allen are also planning on attending. Cris, Cat, and Sam are also bringing their kids. It should be fun!

  8. I will be there (road trip!) & am looking forward to seeing people, especially those I haven’t seen since last reunion (or even earlier).
    If there’s a song you particularly want to sing at Step-Sing (“Chastity”?)—or not to sing (“90s It?”!), please let Stasa & me know.

  9. Just wanted to point out that all the emails I am now getting regarding our Reunion are referring to me as Rachel Philips. There’s no ‘S’ in Philip and Rachel is my middle name. Not sure who needs to be aware of that!

  10. I am planning to attend, with my partner Brenda. Can’t wait to see everyone!

  11. I’ll be there! Sue (my wife, whom some of you met at our 10th year reunion) might be there, too; not sure yet.

    Hey, y’all, please do let me and Kate know what you want to sing… or we’ll pick out something ourselves. Heh heh heh.

    On a serious note, I’m very much looking forward to reunion this year… our 5-year was just weird; our 10-year was just hard, b/c Lillian’s death was so fresh, and we were presenting the lantern. I didn’t know what to expect for our 15-year, and it was a lot of fun. So I’m excited about this year!

  12. p.s. I just “talked” virtually to Larry Burke, Lillian (Shimer) Burke’s husband; he said he hadn’t received any formal notification about Reunion. I emailed the alumnae office, and also forwarded him the reunion letter. If our reunion organizers would like his email, please drop me an email, etc.

  13. I am planning to attend, with my husband Erik Lapinski, and my daughters, Grace (12) and Lucy (9).

  14. I will be there with my husband (Douglas), son (Alexander 7) and daughter (Catherine 4). Looking forward to it.

  15. I will be there. Lynda Pak will also be there – I don’t think she’s responded yet. We will be sans our collective 4 children.

  16. I’m going out on a limb, since I didn’t finish at Bryn Mawr, but I was thinking about y’all tonight and wanted to shout out to you: Penny, Anita, Christina I, Vicky T., Catalina K. and lots of others!

    Did the Quaker Yearly Meeting think and my 12 year-old asked for a UPenn sweatshirt for his birthday…UPenn!?!?! Oh the Horror! Might have to be Haverford or Swat instead. I know… a love/hate relationship.

    Still here in Houston! Have a great time at the reunion!

  17. Paige, there are lots of Mawrters who didn’t graduate from BMC but who still identify with Bryn Mawr, and I’m pretty sure some of them come to reunions… Just a thought. 🙂

  18. Some possible faculty members (who are still at BM) include:
    Rick Hamilton (frosh English and Classics Prof)
    Rhonda Hughes (Math Prog)
    Mary Osirim (Soc Prog)
    Karen Tidmarsh is Dean of the UnderGrad college and usually makes the rounds at reunion.

  19. Great to see the replies rolling in! I am even more excited now that the brochure arrived and need to send my registration from in. Kudos and thanks in advance to Robyn and Jen for all the hard work they have done in planning what promises to be a great weekend!

  20. Dear Classmates, Sorry to be missing reunion this year and the opportunity to reconnect with you all. I have a second daughter on the way in mid-June. I’ll look forward to seeing even more of you at our 25th…which at the rate time is flying will be here sooner than we know. Cheers, Mary

  21. Congrats Mary!
    We will miss you but looking forward already to the 25th–when both the kids can be in the camp!

  22. Stasa, I took your advice. I’ll be seeing y’all in May! Mary, congrats! but I’ll be sad to miss your accordion.

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